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AVIN also has a Standard or Large Trolley to match the size of the Oven chosen, however, due to the manufacturing process, any sturdy surface that can support the weight of your Oven is suitable and perfectly safe. (wood, marble, even plastic) All trolleys are full stainless steel and has a side table for a working surface with a lower level surface for wood and all other accessories.


STANDARD 720mm (W) 1m (1.5m with side table up) (L) 1m (H) – 50 kilos

LARGE 920mm (W) 1m (1.5m with side table up) (L) 1m (H) – 55 kilos

Weatherproof Covers

A Standard or Large Weatherproof Cover is also available to purchase with your Oven. Our Weatherproof covers are made from proper Ripstop material. A material that is typically used in making products that are used outdoors. Sailing, tents, sleeping bags, flags, banners, just to name a few. It can even be used as a reinforcing fabric in products or clothes made to be worn in extreme durability or extreme conditions, like firefighters clothing. Hence why AVIN chose this material for our weatherproof covers – First class protection for a first class product.

Canvas colours to choose from – Olive / Sand / Dove Grey / Light charcoal.


  • Rip stop canvas (400g/sm) to be used which is UV stabilised.
  • Waterproof and durable.
  • Shaped fitted cover with Velcro opening with drawstring at top chimney opening.
  • Seams – double stitched with a webbing trim. (you can also choose the trim colour)

Pizza Peel

Branded AVIN Pizza Peel

Pizza Peel 30 x 30 cm

Large – 114 cm
Standard – 85 cm

Wooden Boards

Board options are: Steak or Pizza

Steak – 35 x 25 cm
Pizza – 40 x 40 cm

Made from local Knysna Blackwood

Pizza Cutter

Branded AVIN Pizza Cutter

Silicone Gloves

Branded AVIN Silicone Gloves

Size: 36 x 18 cm
Heat resistant silicone outer padded glove

Custom Chimney

Building & Design of any chimney alteration or extension to suite your specific needs.

Custom Chimney
Pricing per meter
Includes: Heat Control Damper.
Stainless Steel

Excludes: Cowl, Ceiling cover plates, Silicone roof seals, brackets etc.

To be installed by any qualified builder or contractor.

A suggested minimum 3 metre at the best of times is recommended to ensure correct “pull” or airflow, smoke and fire. Any length less, as decided by the customer/builder/installer will be the clients own risk and AVIN will not be held liable for any ineffectiveness.

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