Entertaining in Autumn: AVIN’s Tips for Hosting Memorable Gatherings

As leaves turn and the air fills with the crisp promise of Autumn, it’s the perfect time to gather your loved ones for warm, memorable festivities. With AVIN, each gathering becomes more than an event; it transforms into an unforgettable celebration of food, family, and friendship.


Setting the Scene for Autumn Gatherings

Autumn’s essence is its warmth and vibrancy.

  • Create an inviting ambience with dim, warm lighting and soft, cosy throws. 
  • Outdoor enthusiasts can enhance their space with string lights, crafting a magical backdrop for the evening’s tales. 
  • Indoors, the glow of candles and the rich aroma of spiced mulled wine welcome guests into a haven from the chill. 


Your AVIN does more than cook; it draws people together. It stands at your gathering’s core, inviting guests to partake in the cooking process or simply bask in its warmth.


Your Autumn Entertaining Companion

At the heart of your gathering is AVIN, a beacon of culinary creativity. Famous for its versatility, it excels in the Autumn chill, offering everything from the crispness of pizzas to the succulent tenderness of roasts. Its energy efficiency and adaptability make it an ideal companion for any weather, becoming the centrepiece of your gathering.


Menu Planning: An Easter-Inspired Idea

This season, let AVIN inspire your menu with Easter flavours. 

  • Imagine Chocolate Chip Dessert Pizza or 
  • Freshly baked Hot Cross Buns, 
  • Backyard pizzas adorned with fresh, seasonal toppings, or 
  • Sophisticated roasts that become the subject of your guests’ admiration. 


These dishes cater not only to the palate but also to the soul, enriching every bite with the essence of Autumn.


Making Memories: Beyond the Meal

Encourage your guests to create memories around your AVIN. Whether a marshmallow roast becomes an impromptu storytelling session or a pizza-topping competition that sparks joyous rivalry, let the moments flow freely.


Memorable and Eco-friendly

The wood-fired AVIN oven is a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Unlike gas or electric ovens, AVIN requires minimal wood to unlock a world of flavours — a nod to our eco-friendly ethos.


But the magic doesn’t stop there. The retained heat promises overnight cooking capabilities. This feature ensures that your explorations are uninterrupted, even as the power grid takes a rest.


Let AVIN guide you to more eco-conscious choices without compromising on the joy of cooking and gathering. For those yet to experience the magic of AVIN, visit our website today and order your AVIN to ensure you’re Easter-ready. 


“The care, love, and absolute passion radiate through the AVIN oven, the level of detail and the most amazing recipes.”


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